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  • FAQs – Custody & Visitation in New Mexico
    FAQs – Custody & Visitation in New Mexico

    What’s the difference between custody and visitation? “Custody” addresses whether one or both parents have the power to make decisions about the child whereas “visitation” covers when the child will ...

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  • FAQs - Child Support
    FAQs - Child Support

    How is child support determined in New Mexico? Child support in New Mexico is set by the statute known as the New Mexico Child Support Guidelines. It is a straightforward formula that looks at the ...

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  • FAQs – Just Got Served?
    FAQs – Just Got Served?

    I was just served with court papers – what do I do now? Take a DEEP breath. Do it again. Find a quiet place, sit down, and read through the papers once to look for the date and time of any court ...

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  • FAQs – Divorce & Legal Separation
    FAQs – Divorce & Legal Separation

    What does “Dissolution of Marriage” mean? “Dissolution of Marriage” is just another way of saying divorce. When two people get divorced, they are dissolving the marriage. Once the judge signs the ...

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  • FAQs – Divorce & The Family Business
    FAQs – Divorce & The Family Business

    When a couple owns a family business, the divorce has to deal with the breakup of both the family and the business. How is the business taken into account in a divorce? If a couple starts a business ...

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  • FAQs – Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
    FAQs – Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

    When there is recent abusive behavior between a couple – whether physical violence or severe emotional or sexual abuse – you can obtain a restraining order against your spouse or partner under the ...

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