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Albuquerque Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Divorce Court in Bernalillo County

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways amicably and are in overall agreement in how to divide your property and debts, then an uncontested divorce may be an excellent way for you to see an efficient conclusion to your case. These types of divorce are generally best suited to those with limited assets, and minimal or no custody and visitation conflicts.

Successful uncontested divorce proceedings offer numerous benefits, including:

  • No court time and fewer legal fees meaning time and money saved for all parties
  • You and your former spouse get to decide on your settlement, not the courts

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Types of Uncontested Divorce in New Mexico

Here at NM Divorce & Custody Law, LLC, we offer multiple alternatives to divorce court for clients who are in agreement about the terms of their divorces. These alternatives to court include:

The former allows each party to retain separate counsel, but work out their own divorce without the intervention of a judge. The latter does not allow for separate attorneys, but rather a third-party mediator guides both parties through the divorce process, also allowing them to come to their own decisions without a courtroom battle.

Amicable is Not the Same as Easy

It is important to remember that even if you and your former spouse agree on every aspect of the settlement, having an attorney to help you navigate the paperwork and help handle outstanding issues can be hugely helpful. The online resources available simply do not have the means to provide you with the tailored legal advice that your unique case may require. Our team can help you to ensure that your settlement addresses all pertinent issues, help you understand the long-term implications of the settlement, and draft and file all necessary paperwork.

Everything You Need to Move Forward

At NM Divorce & Custody Law, LLC, we understand that even when you are in agreement with your former spouse, it can be difficult to remain calm and collected all of the time. Even in the best of times, divorce is an emotional life-changing event for both parties. It has been our experience that maintaining consistent, open communication between the parties and being straightforward but polite about what each individual is looking to achieve helps everyone involved remain civil and composed.

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