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What to Expect During Divorce Proceedings

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It is important to remember that divorce laws apply differently in each state. However, there are 3 steps that can be considered no matter the circumstances:

1) It does not take both parties to agree to a divorce for the process to begin. A spouse must essentially ask the court to end the marriage by filing a legal document. This document will gather information such as residency requirements, grounds for divorce, etc.

2) It is completely understandable if you cannot wait for the divorce proceedings to take place. Life happens, which is why you are in your legal right to request temporary orders for support, custody, or protection. This process usually happens quickly and will remain effective until the judge concludes the divorce.

3) A step that some people forget, but is probably the most important, is to serve your spouse. Serving in legal terms is to provide a copy of the legal paperwork to your spouse which details the facts of what the divorce will entail. Any party who is getting served must file a reply to the court within a specified period. In addition, the respondent may dispute the grounds for divorce based off a variety of conditions.

Fear of the unknown is a huge aspect of the dread and anxiety that can be associated with divorce proceedings. At NM Divorce & Custody Law, LLC, it is extremely important to us that we calm as much distress as possible to help you have a smooth transition to the next phase of your life.

Therefore, our lawyers have assembled a guide to help you understand what lies ahead. In addition to these resource materials, we will also, of course, be available to our clients whenever they need us to answer questions or address concerns.

Learn more about what to expect during the following steps of divorce proceedings:

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