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CYFD Lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Learn the Laws of CYFD & How to Fight It

New Mexico’s Children, Youth, and Families Department is responsible for investigating the neglect or abuse of children, alongside several other family services. On the whole, it is a group of hardworking individuals who are committed to the best interests of the children they serve. However, they must investigate any allegations of neglect or abuse brought to their attention, even if they turn out to be unfounded. If your family is under scrutiny of CYFD and you are uncertain how to proceed, our Albuquerque CYFD attorneys may be able to help.

It may seem easiest to simply cooperate fully and tell the truth, but even if the allegations are without merit, this could be a mistake. Seemingly harmless or innocuous comments could have a significant negative impact on the outcome of your case.

Instead of risking losing custody of your child, we strongly recommend seeking out skilled legal assistance. Our team can help you understand the allegations and fight them effectively. Call (505) 431-4716 today to get started immediately.

Ensuring You are Prepared for CYFD Matters in Bernalillo County

It is an unfortunate fact that parents engaged in intense custody battles have been known to level accusations at their former partners in an attempt to gain the upper hand. If this has happened to you, or you are under scrutiny for any other reason, we can help. Whether you need to prepare for an impending home visit from a CYFD representative, you are a foster parent with concerns about maintaining custody, or your child was involved in an incident relating to a violent or criminal act, you need skilled representation.

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Our team of highly skilled CYFD lawyers in Albuquerque is committed to providing you with everything you need to protect your family. At NM Divorce & Custody Law, LLC, we believe that our role is to ensure our clients can fully understand their case and what they need to do to achieve their desired result. Nothing is more important to us than being a guide when you need it most.

CYFD cases should always be taken extremely seriously. Call us today at (505) 431-4716 to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.